Monday, February 7, 2011

DIY Shredded Sweater Dress + Paper Cranes

Gosh I am sO exhausted today! I don't know if it's the 7am wakeup calls from my younger siblings, or the fact that I run around to keep up with the crazy critters- but I have been well tired out by the time it's around 10pm (or New Blog O'clock ;D)

I had a nice time today- after lying around my parent's house like a big mope for a few days, I decided retail therapy would do me some good. And did it ever! I wore my AMAZING finished product of that DIY shredded sweater dress I had been rambling about. I think I am actually in love- I NEED to find some more op shop clothes to shred and make more! I can't get enough! What do you think?

Not only that, I have also added two more pairs of amazing sunglasses to my collection, I also found blue and purple lip colour, perfect stilettos and that I am now officially a cup size bigger than I was before I went vegan. Yay boobies! :D 
(Click on the below picture to make it bigger + see the awesome colours! :D)

Recently I have taken rather to finding proactive ways for handling my stress + anxiety. Weirdly enough, I have found serenity in folding paper cranes. It's amazing how much a little piece of paper can distract you from all your worries. I went to Morning Glory and bought a tiny box of pretty coloured paper to fold teeny tiny paper cranes. It's amazing- they come out really beautiful! They're kind of inspiring me for a new DIY project- stay tuned ;D

Also, before I go + stop with this mindless babblings, I found a really good cause that I think you should all know about. Pet's Haven Animal Shelter is an organisation that saves + re-homes critters that are in death row pounds + scheduled to be put down due to not being able to find a home.

The best part is, you don't even need to be in the same state as them to help out- they are always on the look out for food, blankets, donations and support. Like their page + see what you can do to help them- I'm going to see if they need any extra volunteers when I go over to Victoria, but for now, I'm going to donate as much as I can!

Definitely check it out- and tell your friends! It's a worthy cause :3




Coincidence? YOU BE THE JUDGE.


  1. Are you interested in Origami? Just coz I used to be obsessed with it when I was a kid and I have heaps of books, including one that's space themed and you can make origami ALIENS!! They're the coolest thing I've ever made, so if you want to expand your folding-paper-therapy let me know and I'll scan some instructions XD

  2. I can't wait to see a tutorial on the shredded sweater, I'm hoping to start a DIY accessories/clothing section in my blog, and I'd love to try this (I'd credit of course)

    Haha, but you are a totally better blogger than I'll ever be!

  3. You know what's funny? I read your status on fb about paper cranes, but couldn't read your blog.
    So when I replied that I used to make really really tiny paper cranes, I didn't realise that you had too.... Until just now.

    No seriously, I'm the only person that I knew that could make tiny paper cranes.
    I'll post a pic up of one of mine later.

  4. Thankyou sO much dear! It was certainly a marathon effort- but so worth it! I'm definitely going to have to get some better pictures of it :D