Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vegan Yum Yums

I'm a pretty lazy person- especially when it comes to cooking and eating, which is a massive bummer because the vegan lifestyle involves a LOT of home cooking. It's awesome because it's really taught me that vegan food doesn't have to be boring rabbit food and salad- it can be hearty, nutritious and have even the most ardent meat eater asking for seconds ;)

I really don't like cooking being a precise science- I like to be able to chop and change ingredients and components how I see fit to the mood I'm in at the time. These few recipes are especially good for that- not having strict measurements and ingredients. I practically live off them and their many, many variations! Even if you're not keen to give veganism a go, I recommend you give some of these a crack- more vegies is better! 

Send me pictures and variations that you've come up with- and above all; ENJOY!

I'll begin with my absolute favourite recipe ever; it's SO versatile and delicious!

Garlic Mushroom + Spinach Stuffed Potatoes.
You'll need:
- Around 3 mushrooms per person
- A cup of baby spinach per person- stems removed
- A potato per person
- Minced garlic
- Oil
- Salt + Pepper

First off, preheat your oven to 160C fanforced- 180C for conventional- then stab the potato several times with a fork and put in the microwave. Microwave on high for around three minutes- or better, if you have a 'Baked Tator' setting, use that. Remove, wrap in some foil and bung in the oven.
Remove the bottom half of the mushroom stems (they tend to get dry and woody when they've been sitting around for ages) and then slice the shrooms thinly. Throw them into a preheated, oiled pan on high heat + stir quickly to coat in oil. Reduce heat to medium + cook til they're reduced and squidgy. Throw in a teaspoon or two of minced garlic + stir quickly to combine. Increase the heat to high + stir in the spinach until wilted. At the last moment, season with salt + pepper and take the pan off the heat.
Take the tator out of the oven, split it open + divide the mushroom mix amongst them. DELISH.

I also make this recipe sans tator + eat it on toast, put it on pizza, in onigiri, stir fry, risotto- the options are endless! Viva La Mushrooms! Viva La Garlic!

Mixed Bean + Vegetable Pasta
You'll need;
- A cup of pasta per person
- A jar of simple tomato pasta sauce (I use Raguletto Red Wine + Garlic sauce)
- A tin of 4 Bean Mix (with chick peas! Yay!)
- Around 4 mushrooms, sliced thinly
- A cup of baby spinach per person, stems removed
- This is optional, but vegan soy protein mince is pretty good too!

Boil a pot of water and chuck the pasta in. In a seperate pan on medium heat, throw in the sauce, beans, mushrooms and soy protein mince (if you wish) and cook until the mushrooms are squidgy to your taste. Throw in some minced garlic and baby spinach, and stir until all the spinach is wilted. Serve over cooked pasta- DELISHUS.
This makes A LOT of sauce- I like to save it and eat it on toast when I'm craving proteiny goodness :D

I will get to adding some more recipes over the next few days- typing is a little hard with my nails the length they are at the moment!

Before I go, I really must share this amaaaazing outfit I thrifted from Savers + The Salvos!

Thrifted shirt + DIY denim short shorts from Savers, Structured bag from The Salvos, Socks from American Apparel, Hat + Inverted Cross Rosary from Dangerfield, Sunglasses from Ice Accessories.

I'm going to set a project for some of my diehard fans- want to undertake a month long commitment with me? Let me know if you're keen- I'll post some more details in the next few blogs I do <3



Thursday, February 17, 2011

Self timers + Fetishism

Sorry I have been SO slack recently- I get so worn out staying at my parent's house; I'm due for hometime tomorrow, so hopefully I get some sleep + can smash out some better brain words :P

Before I go on, I MUST SHARE THIS WITH YOU. I actually got such a fright + then laughed so hard I threw my drink all over mysElf D:

Before you start, yes I am aware I possess around the same amount of maturity as a three year old. Y U HATIN'?

I woke up this morning with a strange sense of relief washing over me. Today, it is finally all over; I have my stuff back + I am rid of that bad time for good. While it’s crummy that I have lost so many people who were so dear to me once upon a time, I am revitalised in knowing that today is the first day of starting anew; I seriously cannot wait.

All that aside, my day has been punctuated with sewing, napping and finally working out how to use the self timer on my dinosaur camera. Whoever invented that feature needs a giant facehug ^_^ While I’m still trying to work out how to not look like a spastic ragdoll whenever I point a camera at mysElf, I am pretty pleased with the results of faffing around on my bed thus far.

Secondhand customised singlet + boxy high waisted shorts + structured thrifted bag + inverted cross rosary + several layers of finger bling + not having shaved my head recently. How wiierd is it when I leave it for a few days? NOYYING D:
It has also become evident to me that I have a favourite side. I'm going to have to stop that D:

I’m going through a SERIOUS purple patch at the moment; I don’t know if anyone’s noticed ;D Purple being the colour of strength + rebirth, I find it quite appropriate for this time in my life. I used a purple eyeshadow on my palette for the first time EVER today and it’s come out rather well, methinks :)

Now, I don’t know who has me on Facebook, or was lurking around the time that this happened, but I posted a status last night that turned into a pretty crazy discussion. I am unabashedly fascinated by human sexuality + aspects of it; so much so, that at some point, I considered becoming a sex therapist as a career choice! The discussion was about fetishes- something that can be quite tame to people who possess them, but strange and unusual to people not familiar with fetishism in sex. I was really impressed + thrilled by the sheer amount of people who were comfortable in discussing what theirs were, and the maturity everyone had towards each other’s tastes.

I’m curious, as this website has the benefit of an anonymity; fetishes. What’s yours? Drop me a line here, or at my email. I’m down for a discussion :)

Obviously trolls and immaturity will not be tolerated- don’t waste everyone’s time with your silliness, please.

I look forward to hearing from you- in the meantime; I hope you’re all well + eating your greens!



Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I am very busy + important right now!

Well, that's only half true. But I AM a little too busy for a full post at the minute, as I am hand sewing massive shoulder pad armour for my blazer.

Hipsters must be huffing glue or something- them bitches be trippin'. Trapezoids are clearly the most superior shape.

Trapezoids or hexagons. They're both pretty sick- and approximately 50% of the reason that I heart Barbeque Shapes so much >:3

I promise I'll pick my game up when I eradicate this heinous case of ceebs ;D

Oh also;

TEEHEE. I feel accomplished :D



Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Purple Patch + Softcore Contortion [NSFW]

My mind is a muddle at the moment. Sorry in advance for a sloppily written entry- I'm too tired to even care at the moment ._____.

I love op shops. I really really do. I had this really insane urge to visit one today, but being in the middle of fucking nowhere with no mode of transport kind of put a dampener on things. That was until Axel came along and saved the entire day. What a legend <3

I managed to thrift these bad boys for a dollar! Vintage screw back engraved collar points- I am absolutely besotted with them and made haste in attaching them to my blazer. I NEED MORE COLLARED CLOTHES TO WEAR THEM WITH!

In other news, I had a glorious contortion stretch session this morning + nearly NEARLY pulled off an unassisted chest sit! I am so proud of how far my flexibility has progressed- this coming from a girl who was not able to touch her toes until recently. I can't wait to find someone I'd like to shoot some of my contortions I have achieved ^_____^

Now, earlier today, I posted a teaser to some shots I took last night. In no way do I want these to be construed as pornography; or as something distasteful. I was merely inspired by the beautiful lighting of my room and contortions I had achieved recently.

To see more, you're going to have to click through to the full entry ;3

Softcore contortions.

I'm comfortable with my sexuality, my body and my femininity. I don't see why every one isn't! The female form is a beautiful, complex and wonderful thing to behold :)

Feeling particularly inspired by a recent contortion training + the fairy lights in my room, I took a couple of low light shots on my camera phone. What started out as something just for fun turned out as something I'm rather proud of. I'll post the full set later tonight, I just thought I'd start you off with a teaser :3

What do you think?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Crocheted cape + warm fuzzy Sago

First and foremost, let me begin this entry with this; this here blog, Tentacles and Teacups is MY blog. It is where I record MY personal views, will discuss issues that affect ME and post about MY life. In no way, shape or form will you EVER have any say WHATSOEVER over what I put here. Don’t like it? Don’t read it. Don’t like what I have to say? Don’t be a shit person, and it won’t be said. It’s not fucking rocket science.

OKAY. Glad we got that out of the way.

I got up to not much today. I got a message made from pure squee from someone I actually give more than two fucks about and consequently was filled with what eating seven (calorie free but equally tasty) sago puddings would feel like. Aweh.

I did, however, finally take my crocheted cape for a spin. I found it at a local op shop- its original form was some weird top thing, with a waist band I quickly unpicked. I was rather angsty that I spent money on something I never wore, but it just seemed to work magically with fellow outfit clasher; the Lego bowtie. Viola! Camera whore posing out ;D

This entry will be on the short side, as I have really nothing else to say. Tomorrow I shall write something alphabetised! And in the meantime, I am creating wearable shoulder armour from the shoulder pads I rended from my fitted blazer. There will be pictures. 

I heart DIY trashion, and you should too. Hug an op shop volunteer.



P.S My 21st is coming up. If you love me, you'll buy me a set of these. ;D

P.P.S I just found this on, by Franceso Sambo. 
Pure amazing. I'd love to shoot a set like this- who is keen?

I am severely disappointed

That I am not getting supreme loveage today.



Of course, by today I mean Venereal Disease day. THIS SUCKS TEN THOUSAND DICKS.

Update! Woke up to possibly the cutest message in the whole wide world- am consequently squishy + utterly useless. 




Saturday, February 12, 2011

FAQ, beeetches.

I discovered a new THING I could do with my hair.

Quiff, this is everyone. Everyone, this is blue dreadlock quiff :3

I get questions asked of me, A LOT. If anyone saw the great Formspring explosion of 2011 that was my account for a while there, you’d know what I’m talking about. I decided to compile some of the more frequently asked questions into this little Q & A- it saves us both time you see, dear :)

What is your real name?
For privacy reasons, I don’t like to disclose my ‘real’ name online, and I don’t like others to do so either. I feel as though I have left that person behind though + am planning to legally change my name to Zephyr this year :3

How many piercings do you have?
Currently? Seventeen.

How many tattoos do you have?
How do you even count tattoos? I have my chest, back, fingers, neck, ankle, thighs, and both arms tattooed :3

Did <insert modification here> hurt?
Body modification hurts. Whether it’s the procedure, or the healing- it’s never a cakewalk. But that’s the price you pay for seeking aesthetic happiness :)

What started you modification obsession?
I used to trawl National Geographic magazines when I was a kid and fell in love with the primitive modifications that are featured so heavily in ancient tribes that still function in parts of the world. I used to wish I could put my fingers through my earlobes + that my flesh was able to be sculpted, so I could make anything I want from mysElf.
The day I received my first piercing- my septum the day I turned 16, I decided it was something that I wanted to do with the rest of my life.
Every day I am still inspired by the meaning and practise of heavy modifications- it very much is my entire life :)

How did you start modelling?
It’s kind of a cute story :3 I was skipping school one time with my friend, and we were sitting at a fast food restaurant in the mall all dressed up in our crazy clothing. A really shy girl with a big camera came up to us as asked if she could take my picture because I was the coolest thing she’d seen in ages. She went on to shoot my first set ever + we’re still friends to this day ^_^ 
I thank Cyndal Potter every day for giving me the oppurtunities that she has!

Was that you in THAT magazine?
Yes, it WAS me under the name “LUCY” in several Picture and People magazines. Mind you, I have NOT appeared in ANY other publications under ANY other names- contrary to popular belief. As I have discussed before in a past entry, I have no fear of nudity, so if you have a problem with someone comfortable with their sexuality, I suggest you fuck the hell off ;3

What colour do you use on your hair?
It’s a top secret mixture of several dyes to achieve a unique colour. Sorry, but it’s not something I wish to disclose. I kind of like being the only turquoise haired weirdo ;D

Who does your hair? Would you do mine?
I do. I cut, style, dread/maintain, shave, colour and redye the roots on my own. Why pay someone to do something that only YOU know what you want? :D
I’m not hugely comfortable with doing other people’s hair- for that very reason. But if you think you can trust me enough, I’m more than happy to :3 I currently offer my services as a dreadlock installer (not the fake kind) so if you’re keen, drop me a line.

Where do you shop?
In a variety of places. I’m currently really addicted to American Apparel, sadly. I can also be found lurking Cotton On, Supre and Valleygirl- as they are the only places that stock size 4-6, and GOOD menswear. I don’t like spending too many pennies on my clothes though- I usually just cut them up. Which is why I am such a fan of op shops! DIY trashion has so much more of an individual statement than something mass produced + worn by everyone else ;D

What are your favourite pieces of clothing?
Currently, I am completely in love with my shredded sweater. It just sits so well on me- and I love the shredded texture!
I will always love my black skinnies- they’re so worn and comfy- I love them to death!

What do you look for in a potential partner?
A good sense of humour- someone who can make me laugh; rape/racist jokes need not apply- they’re not actually funny. Being a racist misogynist is definitely NOT a turn on.
Someone who likes coffee, conversation, cartoons, vegan eats, obscure music, knitting and sex.
Someone who thinks they can handle a stubborn, highly opinionated, extroverted introvert.
I like IT nerds, music elitists, misanthropes, non drinkers, someone with a strong sense of self who won’t take shit from people. I’m a fighter, not a lover.

What do I have to do to get you to notice me?
Don’t be an idiot. Passive aggressive facebook statuses, the use of the term ‘gug’, ‘slut’ and ‘bitch’ are all complete turn off. If you love weird, twisted, morbid, grotesque things + think the “Saw” franchise is the worst thing since Bring Me The Horizon, chances are I already have.

How do I approach you?
Just say hi. More often than not, I’m up for conversation. Shyness is the worst- I am already quite a shy person, and talking to someone equally shy makes me super awkward. Coffee dates make me smile- take me to get a decent soy flat white + I’ll want to know you ;D
If you see me in the street, for the love of bob, do NOT say you know me on Facebook. Have you seen how many people ‘know’ me on that site? It will make everything awkward because I’m not good with putting names to faces unless I know you well + then we’re all conversationally fucked.
Oh and, I do like being asked for hugs. Permission is paramount to my respect XD

What inspires you?
If it’s weird, controversial, gross, twisted, dead or otherwise generally unliked, chances are I’ll like it + incorporate it into my life somehow.
I love taxidermy, human anatomy, curiosities, the colour black, angles, shoulders/collarbones, brunettes, underground hardcore music, live shows, the people who attend them + anyone who just straight up does not give a fuck. :3

What are you addicted to?
Currently?, blogging, Crystal Castles, Wolf Eyes, Chrome Dome, brown shoes, DIY, latex, being vegan, trolling, coffee, garlic mushrooms, mushrooms in general and cuddling my plush owl, Cecil.

What is your favourite food?
It’s rather subject to change. But at the moment, it’s my 8 vegetable risotto I make.
Oh and mushrooms. Fuck me- I am ADDICTED TO MUSHROOOOOMS :D

What is your best memory?
Currently, though it was plagued with bad news the whole time, whenever I’m in a bad place, I retreat to the three months I spent in Melbourne this time last year. Honestly, it was some of the most amazing encounters of my life- I met so many life changing people + did so much amazing stuff. I can’t wait to come back :)


Will you marry me?
Maybe. If you’re lucky ;D

Oh and, suss the new fitted blazer, scarf and structured bag I nabbed from a recent op shop trawl. Pretty bitchin' if you ask me >:D


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DIY Lego Tie + Stud Earring Improvisation

Nothing really pulls me out of an emotional funk, like serious chats with possibly one of the most important people in my life + fashion blogs. I’d been a sooky bitch- I’m glad I bought what had been bugging me. He’s the first person I’ve been with who has had no qualms with discussing issues and solving problems calmly and like an adult- and for that, I am so very thankful.

I woke up this morning after four hours sleep + decided that was completely insufficient to go about my day on, and to have a little nap- I woke up at 12pm and cussed out my laziness. Time is such a.. Bitch! Granted I was rather distracted by this for around an hour;

After feeling particularly inspired by several fashion blogs I had been trawling while sipping my morning coffee, I decided a trawling of the local op shop would be in order + I’m certainly glad I did! I managed to find a gorgeous crocheted batwing cape and a few pieces of DIY fodder- they’re all in the wash right now, so pictures will have to wait ;D

I compiled a quick ‘thrifting’ outfit- and discovered that even though I stopped wearing stud earrings years ago; having earlobes stretched to 25mm means most earrings, unless they’re looped under the plugs, are a no-go- that I could still have a use for my old stud earrings :D Struggling to find a brooch to keep the top of my blouse together, meant improvisation time and viola! A disregarded pairless vintage stud earring quickly becomes functional AND cute! Yay!

It was my job to watch my youngest brother this afternoon while everyone had various family commitments to attend to. Arki is 8 years old, and an Aspergers kid- he has such a funny brutal honesty that I completely love about him. I remember once he came and sat next to me, and put his hand on my thigh and said “Kas. You have really big legs.”
When I gasped and said “That’s not very nice!” he replied casually with
“I mean STRONG legs, Kas!”

He’s actually the most adorable child in existence.

He was making something quite complex from Halo out of Lego when it broke in his hands accidentally- he came out of his room and cried on my lap until I offered to make some stuff with him. Together we made a set of lego bow ties! I attached mine to elastic, and Arki told me to keep the one he made + wear it in my hair or something. So cute! I’ll have to reinforce them with super glue, but they’re amazing!

I leave you with a truly amazing internet find. I could actually stare at this picture for hours. If anyone has any clue as to who the band is/where this photo is from, I would much appreciate it. Now, go on and get out your old Lego. You know you waaant to ;D




It's easy for my vision to be clouded when I'm lost. I know I am truly blessed to know some of the people I do- it's such a shame I oft let mysElf become so burdened by the crap of others that I can't see it.

Don't lie. You watched it seven times over.



Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lead shoes.

For anyone who knows me, well, knows me well enough- you’ll know that I often battle with horrible mood swings and crashes. I woke up today + already wished it was the next day. Can’t deal with someone having rant about what’s going on in their head? Get the fuck off of then, asshat- it’s all you’re going to read here.

I’m not quite sure what the fuck I am doing at the moment. It’s rather difficult to sit down and have that think to yourself- what the HELL are you doing with yourself? I feel like my entire existence is wearing a pair of lead shoes + going for a stroll through cold sushi rice.

I don’t have a house, or a place to call my own home. I don’t have a job. I don’t have people who want to be my friends. I don’t have anything I’m particularly good at. I don’t have a boyfriend. I don’t have any desire whatsoever to pursue more education. I don’t have my license. I don’t DO anything interesting. I don’t have any means whatsoever of achievements in my life at the moment except that I haven’t brutally slaughtered everyone in a shopping centre.

I would never quantify my sElf worth with the validation of another’s attention, but it’s been weighing heavily on my thoughts recently. For once, it would be just nice to have someone in my life who doesn’t mind that I have a weird face- who wouldn’t have me any other way. Someone that didn’t hit me, tell me I’m disgusting, or find comfort and company in another’s arms while telling me they have to work early/late that day. It would be nice to be wrapped up in someone knowing that they don’t want to look at another because they have me.

I think I had it once- someone who adored me for me, who thought every single thing that I ever did was the most genius, amazing thing ever- who didn’t even look at another person because I was everything they ever wanted and needed. I drove them mad + drove them away from me. I guess I deserved all the hell they put me through because of that- and the fact that a day doesn’t pass where I don’t think what would have happened if I wasn’t a stubborn arsehole.

I constantly think that maybe people would like me more if I didn’t look so weird, or have such a stupid taste in clothing and music. Sometimes I wish I knew what it was like to know what I am + what I am doing. I’m sick of just being ‘cool hair and piercings’ to people- I wish more people had a desire to know me on a more personal basis and not just solely on my exterior or what my Facebook profile says about me. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to actually have a personality, to be good at something and have people take me at least slightly seriously. I'm thankful for Pod's unconditional love more than ever- I taught him how to fetch today + he refuses to get out of my lap while I type all of this :3

Again, don’t take this as a plea for attention, a cry for help or anything else. I don’t need your validation, or for you to tell me what you think. This is a blog, and I will write what the hell I want.

So, social experiment- for anyone who is tragic enough to read this far + not think I should just delete mysElf; drop me a line on my email. Let’s kick it oldschool- before Myspace + Facebook and all that bullshit. I want to know people based on conversation, rather than their default picture.




Monday, February 7, 2011

DIY Shredded Sweater Dress + Paper Cranes

Gosh I am sO exhausted today! I don't know if it's the 7am wakeup calls from my younger siblings, or the fact that I run around to keep up with the crazy critters- but I have been well tired out by the time it's around 10pm (or New Blog O'clock ;D)

I had a nice time today- after lying around my parent's house like a big mope for a few days, I decided retail therapy would do me some good. And did it ever! I wore my AMAZING finished product of that DIY shredded sweater dress I had been rambling about. I think I am actually in love- I NEED to find some more op shop clothes to shred and make more! I can't get enough! What do you think?

Not only that, I have also added two more pairs of amazing sunglasses to my collection, I also found blue and purple lip colour, perfect stilettos and that I am now officially a cup size bigger than I was before I went vegan. Yay boobies! :D 
(Click on the below picture to make it bigger + see the awesome colours! :D)

Recently I have taken rather to finding proactive ways for handling my stress + anxiety. Weirdly enough, I have found serenity in folding paper cranes. It's amazing how much a little piece of paper can distract you from all your worries. I went to Morning Glory and bought a tiny box of pretty coloured paper to fold teeny tiny paper cranes. It's amazing- they come out really beautiful! They're kind of inspiring me for a new DIY project- stay tuned ;D

Also, before I go + stop with this mindless babblings, I found a really good cause that I think you should all know about. Pet's Haven Animal Shelter is an organisation that saves + re-homes critters that are in death row pounds + scheduled to be put down due to not being able to find a home.

The best part is, you don't even need to be in the same state as them to help out- they are always on the look out for food, blankets, donations and support. Like their page + see what you can do to help them- I'm going to see if they need any extra volunteers when I go over to Victoria, but for now, I'm going to donate as much as I can!

Definitely check it out- and tell your friends! It's a worthy cause :3




Coincidence? YOU BE THE JUDGE.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Family + the Crocheted Shawl

I promise there'll be more to this post- my grandmother has come over for dinner though, so I must be polite ;D

I'm currently staying with my family in Williamstown at the moment- part of my detox from people has involved me removing mysElf as much as I can from the city. Williamstown is beautiful- about an hour from Adelaide, with beeautiful clean air. It's a tiny town- everyone knows everyone here, including me as the 'friendly neighbourhood freak', which is nice.

Staying with my family really cements my complete and utter love I have for them. My family is by no means normal- I am the oldest of five children, after me there is Sage (nearly 18), Declan (13yrs old), Acacia (10yrs old) and Arki (8yrs old).
Acacia, Arki and I all share the disability Autism, with varying places on the spectrum. Declan has an anaphylaxis allergy to wheat, and Sage is really the only normal one of the bunch.

My mother and father separated years ago, but whenever dad isn't flying off to work in the middle of nowhere as an environmental advisor, he's at our house helping with the smallest people, as their conditions make them a bit of a handful sometimes.

We're a motley crew, that is for sure- but I think that is what, more than anything, really breeds + encourages the incredible closeness we share. We're all strange, but we're all okay with it. I often get asked what my family think of my lifestyle and image- and are always taken back when I tell them that my mother adores it + actively encourages my pursuit for happiness. I get complete and total joy in freaking my younger siblings out with the fuzziness of my head, or the holes in my face. It's amazing.

Recent events have shown me how much I have to be thankful for- because no matter what, I will ALWAYS have my family, and they will always be happy to take me in, dust me off and hold me up until I am ready to stand on my own two feet. There aren't words to describe the thankfulness + complete love I feel for them, every moment of my day :)

I raided the family dress up chest today and found an AMAZING cream shawl! Just in time for cool weather, I hope? :D

I look tired. That's what happens when you're woken up at 7am sharp by mental siblings because you sleep in their play room when you're crashing at their house ;D



Friday, February 4, 2011

Facebook Deactivation + Being Featured

In lieu of recent events, I've made the somewhat difficult decision that I need to withdraw from all the venom, bitchy + pettiness that seems to be what makes up my Facebook network at the moment. I've made the decision to deactivate my Facebook profile- just for a little while, enough time for me to regather mysElf and detox mysElf from people. Monday is the day it's going to happen, so I hope I can reach enough people by then. 

Yeah it sucks- while it is true that I am easily aggravated by some of the shit people think other people need to know, I have such a wonderful + lovely support system on there who have done nothing to hurt me that I feel bad for shrugging off. But please understand- I have to do what I need to make sure I recover from this horrible experience + bounce back like nothing even happened :)

If you wish to contact me in the time that my Facebook is inactive, I shall be keeping this blog updated several times a day with stuff, will still be using Twitter + have an email address you can chat to me should you want to:

I'll end all this business on a positive note + move on to some rather cool news!

I got a rather awesome email the other day, from one of the contributers of The Adelaide Post- an Adelaide blog that showcases local talent to say that I had been featured! How cool!

I'm really flattered that something that started out as just a promise to keep a New Year's Resolution has been recieved so well, by so many people! Thankyou so much for all your kindness + support- it really really does mean the entire world to me <3

Before I go + get cracking on a MASSIVE shredding project I'm starting, I pose this question to you;
My blog recieves quite a bit of traffic- not just here, but internationally as well. I was speaking to a friend today who uses Google's AdSense on their blog + makes some damn decent cashola from it- all it really is is hosting targetted ads in places on your website + you make $ per click that is recieved etc. As money is quite an issue for me at the moment, I have been considering this option as means to make some extra pennies- from something that I love to do. What do you think? Would you still love me if there were some ads floating around on here?

Do let me know :)



P.S- It is my absolutely fabulous + completely amazing mother dearest's birthday today! I don't think I could have ever asked for a more positive role model in my life, who has shown me how to truly be mysElf + exist without limitations. I love her more than anything ever. Happy Birthday, mummy! <3

P.P.S- This chart essentially sums up how I see mysElf communicating with people. Click on it to make it bigger, of course :3

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

DIY Shredded Singlet + Blogs I Heart

Short one from me today- I’m too tired to completely write out the rant I originally planned- sorry!
I was particularly inspired by Raquel Allegra’s shredded t-shirts, and had a crack at one of them mysElf. I’m rather proud of the result, to be honest! It’s a real pain in the arse to get into, and I nearly went mad shredding it, but it was well worth it!

I’m going to admit now, I’m a little addicted to blogs- and am always pleasantly surprised when friend’s come forward with theirs. So many of my friends are really talented, engaging, clever writers! I’m currently totally addicted to these blogs:

I’ve spoken highly of Tash’s writing before- she’s an utter inspiration ♥

Alex is the poor soul who is the responsible for all the photos on my blog- he’s an amazing photographer, writer + person. Get on it!

I get all silly on Damien’s blog- partially for his love of amazing fashion + DIY and partly because his views are so similar to mine.


I just stuffed mysElf to bursting with vegan vegetable risotto- I think I’m going to go slob around with no pants on!



Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nakedness + DIY Bleach Splatter

I’m sorry to begin this entry like this, but I have to get something off my chest!

If there’s one thing I hate- it’s obnoxiously prudish people making me sharing my art on Facebook difficult. I don’t know- maybe it’s because my mum + dad are incredibly relaxed, cool and open minded people- maybe it’s because of the alternative lifestyle I have chosen to lead- but when I see a naked human body, the first thing that springs to mind ISN’T disgust and “OHMYGOD GROSS!”
Nakedness, people, is NATURAL. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but if you take a quick peek under your clothes- you’re ACTUALLY naked under there! Indeed, I agree there is a time and a place for being naked- sometimes it’s just not what people want to see or have to deal with. But slandering a person for being unabashed about being in their natural state is just backwards and sad. We aren’t in the dark ages anymore, people!

Granted, there are definitely ways of exuding confidence in your body that can come across as confronting + intense for some people- but in NO WAY does ANY girl who is comfortable in her own skin become a slut! Since when does being content with your own skin and sexuality make you promiscuous? Try and justify this- I dare you!

I cop A LOT of flack for the fact that YES I have posed nude for several websites- including Suicide Girls, have appeared in several publications like Picture + People magazines and have done work as an exotic dancer. I’ve had pictures removed on Facebook for showing off my exposed back, or being a tool in a pair of underwear, and I just can’t help but feel bad for people who are too afraid to embrace nudity.
I’ve been called mean names, my sister has been harassed anonymously and apparently I have a ‘reputation’ because I’m not afraid to love my body the way it is and create art with it. I just don’t understand- why be jealous and venomous when you have a beautiful body of your own!
Anyhow, I’ll leave my rant here- with this message for my ‘haters’- you may be able to report my photos, and call me bad names- but you’ll never stop me from being nudey! :D

Today was- put simply- utterly glorious! A cool change came through around 2pm today- just as I got out of bed. I actually squealed with joy when I stood on the balcony and felt the cool breeze brush past me. It was not too hot to move! Time to get some stuff done!

Unfortunately, it’s day 4 without hot water in the house. Alex and I have been ghettoing it- heating water on the stove to wash the dishes + have baths. I seriously gave mysElf a sponge bath last night because I couldn’t sit down in the water for fear of aggravating my new piercing. You people take working hot water for granted! I would honestly do disgraceful things for a hot shower to wash my hair! The plumber is coming tomorrow- I hope this problem is something easily fixed.

I played with bleach today! Bleach is seriously one of my favourite ways to easily customise clothing- and it works amazing every single time! All you need is some clothing you want to trash with some splattering and a bottle of cleaning bleach. I’m not sure how well it works on some fabrics- best stick to cotton and cotton blends :3

Splatter to your hearts content, then watch carefully. Material, like the denim jeans are made of, take reaaallly well to bleach really quickly- some, like stretchy dress materials, take a little longer. Then rinse the clothing thoroughly in your laundry trough until the water runs clear. Wring out the excess water + viola- bleach stains yay!
I decided I needed a pair of jeans and a singlet dress that needed my attention. My jeans were just casually splattered, but I decided to try a skeleton inspired customisation on my dress.

I absolutely love my jeans!
The front of my dress went rather well, but unfortunately, I forgot to put something in between the front and the back to stop the bleach from seeping through to the back. As you can see, its not exactly the best, but I still think it’s rather cool- it looks like fire!


Anyway, I’m going to leave this here now. I’m waiting for my friend Harmony to bring over some of her godlike vegan eats- vegan Nutella and Custard Tarts, anyone? :D