Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Why is Vegan a bad word?

I’ve noticed in recent times, due to the increasing popularity of my eating choices, you drop the V bomb in a group of people + unless they’re actively avoiding animal products, you’re looked at as though you have grown an extra head. Or worse, you get jeered + labelled a ‘hippy’ for something as simple as a diet choice.
What’s up with that?
Let’s get one thing straight. Being a vegan does NOT mean you eat like a rabbit. I HAVE a pet bunny and if I had to live on oaten hay and carrots, I’d be pretty bummed out. Oreos, Ginger Nut biscuits, Barbeque Shapes and plenty more snacky foods are ALL vegan. Not to mention the popularity Veganism is gaining, which means more vegan options at restaurants, in cookbooks and even in your own grocery shop. Woolworths has recently released a MACRO range, which are ALL gluten free + vegan! Vegan ‘Tim Tams’ and ‘Kingstons’- I’m in heaven!
Vegan has become the new buzzword in couture eating- vegan cupcakes, vegan takeaway, vegan breakfast choices all becoming a much repeated sentiment. It’s a good thing! The popularity and its snowball effect means more awesome eats for us! But like that one asshole who is  ALWAYS on the phone in the cinema, there’s always that ONE person who takes the opportunity of your lifestyle to flaunt the fact that they ate a dead thing that was ‘so rare it was practically still mooing!’
Um, congratulations? Last I checked, my post about my delish vegan pizza wasn’t boasting the fact that the vegetables were SO raw they were PRACTICALLY STILL CRUNCHY, so why feel the need to take that cue card and be THAT douchebag?
Why don’t I eat meat? It gives me the shits. Pleasant enough image? Perhaps think of that next time you have a powerful urge to tell me about your dead animal rareity, yeah?
Another thing I’ve noticed with my vegan lifestyle, is it has this magic ability to turn any person who I speak to about into a qualified doctor AND dietician! Amazing! Being vegan is bad for you, huh? I’ll believe that when I see a mass extinction of vegans, thankyou very much. Until then, keep your Dr Phil for children who hate their parents.
Being Vegan doesn’t give ANY of us the right to rag on people’s diets. So they want to eat meat, so what? So they want to eat deep fried crap, so what? It’s none of our business, just like OUR lifestyle is none of their business. More fat cells for them, and more vegan farts for us, amirite?
In a nutshell, I’m tired of being ragged on for what I eat. I don’t take your lifestyle as an opportunity to point out how unhealthy and gross milk, flesh and eggs are, so don’t do the same with my vegetables and Tofu. They're all lovely once you get to know them. Thankyou kindly :3
Glad we can come to an agreement. Let’s have coffee to celebrate! Soy + three sugars for me, dear :3


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  1. OMG ((Oreos, Ginger Nut biscuits, Barbeque Shapes and plenty more snacky foods are ALL vegan)) is this true?? ive been vegan for arround 8 years and i had no ideas .... nom nom nom..