Thursday, January 13, 2011

The reasoning behind Tentacles and Teacups..

At the beginning of 2011, one of the things I resolved (asides from buying a camera, not getting a Tumblr and keeping a frequent blog) I vowed I would never again be busted in public in another plain singlet/jeans/thongs ensemble. I mean, it’s cool for nipping to the servo to get bread but I was so very over looking like a dag at all times.
Letting my inner bitch out, not being afraid of what people think and never EVER being caught dead in floral were just a few of the changes I have made in my wardrobe of recent times. Combine this with end of year sales, not taking shit from anyone and finally culling a huge pile of people out of my life who weren’t really that great in it in the first place have been truly amazing for the development of my sElf confidence, style and, as superficial as this sounds, general happiness.
Sure, I’m not the most stylish freak around, but I like to think that I have a vague clue as to how to dress well. This may well be sElf indulgent and arrogant, but YOU’RE the twat on MY blog. Don’t like it? Click exit :3
 My rules of thumb have been as follows:

Unless it is obnoxiously displayed in all manner of accessories.I’ve never been the hugest fan of being a colourful mess when I dress, but I have been swearing by wearing nothing but neutral shades of grey and black and jazzing them up with eye bleedingly bright colours. I figure my hair, sunglasses obsession and nails compensates for the lack thereof of happy colour mess anywhere in my wardrobe.
It IS reaching a rather critical point though- I can no longer identify my clothing with sight in the hulking mass of dark that is my pile of floordrobe- rather by how the fabric feels >:D

Really the only SURE FIRE way you can ensure you’re the only bitch on the block with THOSE cut offs or THAT shift dress. My secret? Men’s large print shirts. Cut the neck and sleeve off, wear with tights + a scarf. I don’t know if you’ve noticed how obsessed I have been with them recently or anything >:D
Stuck for ideas? Follow this simple equation;
Cheap sunglasses + packet of craft shop diamantes + ???? = PROFIT.

Worried about what your friends will think of your wet look green tights? FUCK THEM. You look like a badass frog- SO WHAT? Think your date won’t appreciate the combat boot/short dress combination? FUCK THEM. Your legs look FANTASTIC. If it makes you happy, that’s what freaking matters. People are staring? It’s because you look HOT, dahliink >;D

LESS CAN BE MORE. A bit rich coming from me, I know. Every time I leave the house, before I go, I take something off. Maybe the fingerless gloves, maybe a bracelet. Just pick something and leave it at home for another outing. Trust me- it IS possible to be too crusted in bling.

Seriously. NO. They CAN be pants if your butt is covered with an oversized shirt, shift dress- hell, even a mini skirt. But there is not much on earth uglier than the utter boringness of plain black tights instead of pants. Spare us, please.

The last thing I can really say is never ever be afraid of change. Evolution is natural- striving to achieve the same look every time can result in stagnation. Every few months or so, buy something you never would otherwise. It might be a wacky nail polish, an out there piece of bling or a funky hat- let it open your eyeballs to bigger and better things. I, of all people, can sing the praises of constant change, let me tell you that right now!
I’m in the middle of a MASSIVE sale of things that I no longer want or wear- stay tuned on my facebook for details and more updates on it all. I need more money to move to Melbourne- and more room in my wardrobe for my recent obsessions.
I decided today it was high time I got up, dusted my misery muck off and venture into the city for coffee, conversations + retail therapy.
And HOW my recent aggravations were soothed- have a look at some of the recent additions to my loot pile;

It was $14 from Dangerfield, was a three knuckle ring and said POW!
I HAD to have it.

Poison green nail lacquer that is cruelty free! Only $5 at the Sportsgirl sale- happy face! 

Another two finger ring I picked up from Sportsgirl. I swear, I collect them! Tiny little skulls make me happy. As does the six armed pissed off little friend I have on my thumb there- thankyou Aisha! <3

AREN'T THESE THE MOST DISGUSTING THINGS YOU HAVE EVER SEEN IN YOUR LIFE EVER? I am completely in love with them. Ugly vegan footwear FTW <3

Funnily enough, this post started out as a rant- looks like you guys will just have to wait til tomorrow! I’m going to continue to sip my tea on this breezy balcony and go have an intense round of monster mashing on Doom 95! (Also known as ‘My main reason I simply REFUSE to update my XP laptop so it will work better!)


  1. again, probably a bit annoying, but i sincerely love your dress sense!
    also, my friend bought me that green nail polish too! she knows i love ridiculously bright nail polish colours.
    you're inspiring me to write, mrs

  2. EEEEEEE not annoying at all! I have always felt like an utter doofus when I attempt to dress mysElf, so I am much appreeshing compliments! <3

    HOW GOOD IS GREEN? I have this AMAZING neon green I got from BYS a while ago- suprisingly good wear for a cheapie- you should suss it if you're in Ice Accessories anytime soon :D

    AND THIS MAKES ME HAPPY! For you are a MOST talented writer + I do so much anticipate more more more words from you! <3 <3 <3

  3. Dude, seriously I <3 your blog so hard. I really hope we get to meet when you move to Melbourne and I do as well ^_^

    The way I see fashion is that people should view themselves as their own walking canvas. You should never stick to just one look, but you should totally own the look that you have on (and you, my friend, definitely do that!). Who cares if it is self indulgent, human beings are self indulgent by nature, and anyone who tries to argue that they are not or whatever, are lying through their teeth.

  4. Just stumbled upon your blog little Miss ELFy!
    Love it - you're such an inspiration to a chronically shy gal to "attempt" to be unafraid and bold with my dress sense, and life in general.

    Loved the "FUCK THEM"'s - please do some more outfit posts so we can view your awesomeness :)

    *Hugs you and tells you I think you're a beautiful soul, inside and out*

    xoxox your secret new and still-shy fan