Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Melbourne Debacle.

Hello again!
Sorry for my absence, I was off adventuring in Melbourne and didn’t really have time to scratch mysElf, let alone update my blog. I will do my best to recount my rather.. eventful trip over.
Essentially, my short four  day trip over can be summed up in one word: disastrous. The minute our (I travelled over with Mr Alex- a dear friend of mine) feet hit the tarmac, our problems started.
Our initial plans were to head over on Thursday, see Promoe at a free show on Friday night, have a grand old catch up with friends on Saturday, head to St Kilda at some point for rad vegan eats, go to Bendigo on Sunday for ink, shop Monday afternoon and then fly home that night.
But as with EVERY SINGLE OTHER TIME I have attempted to make plans, they FAILED completely, utterly, heinously + spectacularly. All was not lost, however, I managed to nab some radical loot- but more on that later.
I woke up that morning to the sound of my phone ringing right in my ear. It was my mum, so I answered as coherently as I could, though feeling like I’d been run over and not slept for a thousand years.
“Is that you, Z? Aren’t you meant to be flying out to Melbourne today?”
“Do you know what time it is?”
“It’s 11am! You should probably move it!”
I snapped upright. I’d managed to sleep through all THREE alarms I had set for 8am, as I hadn’t packed yet. Alex was due to pick me up for the airport, like, now. Mercifully, he was running late as well, which gave me the opportunity to throw some clothes in a bag, have a shower and say bye to my precious bunny Vincent.
It was a hot, gross day. Alex and I were already feeling off, but by the time we  had touched down in Melbourne, Alex was having some pretty bad tummy pains.
We met up with some friends in the city for a bit, when I realised that my anti depressant and anxiety medication was missing from my luggage. I’m heavily medicated for several conditions, and my medication is a very important part of my life. How and where they had gone was irrelevant, I needed those meds!
Thankfully, a dear friend of mine offered to take me to the doctors the next morning so I could get more. I’d honestly be so lost without her. Meanwhile, Alex’s tummy pain was getting worse- we went from joking about him needing to poop to genuinely worrying about his wellbeing.
We both have our own theories as to explain what transpired over the next day and a half- I say his tummy freaked out as the night before he’d eaten Kangaroo steak after being practically vegan with his diet for so long- he thinks it was some kind of freak 24hr tummy bug. Whatever it was, Alex was a very sick lad over the next few days.
We caught the train to Lena’s house to a warm welcome to some of the most awesome people I know. Sleep that night was punctuated with wakings as Alex went to and from the loo all night. And it was stinkingly hot. Argh.
Outfit equation;
DIY skull shirt + Jay Jays skinny jeans + combat boots + check scarf + obnoxious sunglasses.

I was wide awake, albeit exhausted, at 7am as Alex’s constant stirrings + the heat /humidity had made sleep very difficult.
Krissi took me to my medication appointment, where I was sorted out. We came back to the house to find poor Alex vomiting. Krissi handled it like an absolute champion while I felt faint in the kitchen. I can deal with poop- but I can’t deal with puke! Travelling from Ringwood to St Kilda to see Promoe play was absolutely out of the question, so Alex went to bed while Lena + I went out.
It was a total shopping success- I managed to procure a radical top, the most obnoxious sunglasses ever, an inverted cross rosary necklace and a glittery turquoise bird to wear on my head. Good stuff.
The weather sorted itself out, which was nice. I headed into the city to meet up with a darling friend, who I call Melbourne Alex (I swear to god, I collect Alex’s!)
We drove to St Kilda + he totally surprised me with a trip to Luna Park! I have never ever ever ever been there before and had ALWAYS wanted to go see what it was like! We nearly got blown away at the beach, before having some coffee at San Churro which I REALLY needed. It was so nice to catch up with someone I hadn’t seen in so long- and to see a side of Melbourne I’d never seen before.
I had to head back to the house to get ready for the catch up I had organised at Lucky Coq that night. I was actually kind of disappointed at the sheer amount of people who didn’t even bother to turn up- or let me know that they weren’t. But the people who DID show up showed me an awesome time- it was seriously awesome to see all of them! I had some vegan pizza, some infamous Lucky Coq vodka + then headed home around 11pm for a nice sleep.
Outfit equation;
DIY shirt dress + 200 denier tights + DIY t-shirt cowl scarf + combat boots + slouch beanie + silver way-viator sunglasses + inverted cross rosary.

By Sunday, my mood had crashed completely. I was in such a dark place, I nearly didn’t get out of bed. Not only was I still pretty bummed at the amount of people who had just bailed on catching up without any notice, my food phobias I’d recently discussed in an early blog were arking up really badly + I didn’t eat all day. I did nab some awesome chrome nailpolish though. Pure love.
Outfit equation;
DIY skull shirt dress + 200 denier tights + cardigan + DIY cowl scarf + combat boots + slouch beanie + obnoxious sunglasses + inverted cross rosary.

My bad mood had lasted the night. It was a muggy, humid day and I just wanted to curl in a ball and cry. I hadn’t been down to Brunswick St yet, so we headed down to meet some friends + do some shopping.
I managed to nab some awesome stuff from Dangerfield, Alannah Hill and Revival which was awesome, and Melbourne Alex drove Alex + I to Lena’s house to pack and then to the city to leave.
It was halfway there when I had the worst news dropped on me like a sack of shit.
I’m not bummed though, in fact I’m thankful. I’m thankful that I’m not going to have any more excuses + am now making plans to move over to Melbourne. I’m a little sad that I have to give my bunny away, and I have to sell so many personal belongings, but the sooner I am out of this goddamn hole of a city + its horrid inhabitants, the better I say.
Anyhow, I’ll end this on a positive note. Check out all the awesome stuff I managed to nab in just four days in Melbourne! I can’t wait to get back there :D


  1. Sorry to hear about the not so nice things but in a way it's good not to have things hold you back.
    Also, my laptop ran out of battery just as I read: 'dropped on me like a sack of shit.' and I was like oh noes what happened!. .. I couldn't find a spare power point so I unplugged my mans mouse (tee-hee).

  2. Hipster :P
    Had to be said.
    You need to invest in a pair of knee high docs, they work with everything. I want the scarf you have in the second pic. But its not long enough for me, I like my scarves to touch the floor.
    I dig the leggings, oversized singlet & boots though. I wish I could rock that look.

  3. i LOVE how you dress...

  4. Really dissapointed in this blog Babe.

    You probably need to discuss this further with tbe people involved, because the things you are saying don't match up, calmly talking it out is going to be more effective than blogging like this.

  5. Things aren't going to match up if people are dishonest to avoid confrontation :/

    This is my blog, and my take on the situation- not a personal attack on anyone, which apparently people have misconstrued.

  6. wasnt saying your lying... or anyone was lying. Theres any number of reasons why info wont match up, misunderstandings, misinformation, accidental stuff ya know?

    Just saying that maybe its better not to fuel the fire by blogging about it in a public forum... that clearly points to the people involved. Its only going to further any anger and thats going to cause more pain.

    Maybe take a breather, then go back later and talk it out. I know it all hurts really bad, and I hate to see you all fighting so much, especially since I love and respect you all.

    I just hate watching this unfold, and knowing my friends wont be the same again.

    This isnt a personal attack on you. Its just a sugestion that maybe the public forum where its easy for people to miss-read and be misinformed... isn't a good idea. Its where gossip starts, venom is thrown out there, people take sides and divides happen. I dont want to take sides... thats not the point. Im refusing to take one. But I am saying that despite the ikky feeling (and i have said this to both sides) its maybe still good to be good to one another, give it all time to calm down so that you can clear your head.

    Look after yourself kas. I love you dearly, you know that. Im only saying because I dont want to see you get hurt further.