Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I am kind of reknowned amongst my friends for my absolute love of change. I abhor having something about me stay the same for too long + am constantly changing, switching or customising my style, appearance and surroundings.

Something I have always loved changing is my hair. I LOVE new hair cuts, colours and styles + this past year I have especially embraced that. Let's go on a little walk down memory road of my past year of hair, shall we? :D

First up! Black with a white streak. I've had a mohawk since I was about 15, but my hair was always really good at hiding it :3

Me with my sister :3 I had black and UV reactive neon pink dreadfalls installed + dyed my white streak to match.

Decided I needed a change, so I dyed my hair blonde + popped over to Melbourne.

..Where I found the colour I am pretty much infamous for. It was love at first sight!

Now that I had a colour I loved, I had my hair style cut for the first time since I had my hawk shaved in. I love big hair! :D

Melbourne helped me embrace my freakiness, so I put my hawk up WAY more. This is me with my Melbourne wifeh, Lena <3

After having my hawk for about 5 years, I decided I needed a change. Tank Girl haircut, ahoy! :D

I also saw it as an oppurtunity to fulfil my lust for getting dreadlocks. Vegan Lemon + Macadamia cupcakes make me HAPPY with curly soft dreads.

I decided to bite the bullet + dreadlock my locks all the way to the end. Sonic the Hedgehog hair, much? :D

I've been wearing a beanie HEAPS recently as I didn't think of the sun damage having a bald noodle would encourage, which in itself has become an installation of my hair. I'm thinking of going back to black eventually.. What do you think?

Anyhow, enough picture whoring. Today has been one of THOSE days- you know, where you wake up and everything you touch turns to shit? It probably doesn't help that there is NO coffee in the house.
I tried to go back to bed, and woke up late in the afternoon. How did I manage to sleep my whole day away? Don't you hate it when that happens?

I'm currently sitting with a pile of blue explosion on my head (it's on my nose, forehead, ears, hands + neck. I think some of it managed to get amongst my head tentacles? XD) and I'm reflecting on today. At least I managed to bleach my regrowth and re-blue my hair? No mean feat with dreadlocks.

Here's hoping tomorrow shall be better.



  1. very cool. you should have a tumblr :)

  2. My God! You're a f'ugly chick.

  3. Your so beautiful! Love all your haircuts! You inspire me and my next cut shall be tank girl!(:

  4. Fugly? I think you mean fucking adorable.