Monday, January 31, 2011

DIY lace bunny ears- with PVC bows! :D

Do remind me to post a tutorial as to how to make the super easy bows I adorned my ears with- it's an awesome way to use up scraps of fabric! :D

As I previously mentioned, it has been HEINOUSLY hot in Adelaide recently. So much so, that I have actually gone around 5 days without a coffee. And this, ladies and gentlemen, will just not do!
Asides from cowering beneath the airconditioning, I attempted to clear up my hot weather blues with a pair of animal ears. Not one to want to be wearing the cat ears everyone seems to be wearing at the moment, I wanted something I could wear with an evening dress and still look somewhat classy.

Et viola! Lace bunny ears with super easy PVC bows :D

ALSO: HOW AMAZING ARE THESE SHORTS? Keeps me cool they does ;D

All photographs are copyright Alex Baulderstone :3 Yes, I happen to be crashing with an insanely talented photo-dude. You jelly? ;D

Also also also. Got bored. Made jewellery inspired by my favourite molecule, Caffeine <3

Right now it's a badly made, fragile prototype, but I hope to get a better version made soon. In the meantime, I can appreesh the sparklies ;D




  1. I LOVE that bunny ears!!!! I have to do one pair!!! <3
    You look Amazing!

  2. Hey! I was googleing and found a picture of you and the link to this site. YOU LOOK JUST LIKE ME!!
    Hope you have a nice new year :)

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