Monday, January 3, 2011

Dangerous Obsession

I have realised that I have daangerous obsession with obnoxiously coloured sunglasses. Going through some recent photos of mysElf I have compiled some evidence..

Exhibit A:
Witchcraft lip pigment + Blue Aviators.

Exhibit B:
Day old dreadlocks + oversized bug eyes

Exhibit C:
Slouchy beanie + lilac Way-Viators

Exhibit D:
Pigtails + silver Way-Viators

I think I have a problem.

Please halp!

I'm curious- does anyone else share the same obsession?



  1. I have a serious problem with super-80s sunglasses. I have an entire plastic bin full of heart shaped, animal print, critter ear, patterned, studded, blinged out, and just WRONG shades... but gah I love em! *thanks Cyndi Lauper* hahahaha

  2. I have... 20 pairs of oversized sunglasses... and several 80's style pairs... as well as motorcycle riding sunglasses haha.