Thursday, January 20, 2011

Birthdays. What fresh hell is this?

I can’t help but get bummed every time my mother mentions my birthday. My sister and I are three years apart, and our birthdays are precisely two weeks apart. This year, within two weeks she turns 18, and I turn 21. Our birthdays are in the next month or so, so I’m getting my backside beat about what exactly I want to do.

My sister is used to birthday parties- she’s had one to celebrate every milestone birthday she’s had since she turned 10, so she’s got it all down pat. Some kind of party thing with heaps of friends, a bar tab and so on and so forth.
Me, on the other hand, I haven’t actually had a birthday party since our joint 10/13 birthday all those years ago, and am bloody hopeless. I didn’t want to do anything too huge- I just wanted to invite a small group of people who mean the most to me in my life to have a dinner, drinks and to celebrate being old. However, recently I’ve had to take into account the, well, tiny detail of all of the people I had planned to invite deciding that they want to have nothing else to do with me.

I KNOW it’s my 21st- and this is something that people usually make a big deal of, right? But to be perfectly honest, the thought of it right now is enough to bring me to tears. Fancy having to tell your parents to cancel the plans you had originally made because, well, all your friends hate you?
To be perfectly honest, my past birthdays have been utter crap. I missed Soundwave last year, after having a ticket bought for me, my relatives forgot my 19th, and my 18th was spent with a bunch of scum punks at a beach, so it’s not like I have high expectations for this year suddenly being the best one ever. I just wish I didn’t hate them so much >.<

Anyhow, enough of this emo crap. I’m finally well enough to get out of bed, dress mysElf and head out to get some more medication to end these awful withdrawal symptoms. Which is cause for celebration in my eyes, so naturally I decided to go all out- borrowing my mother’s lace top from her 80s Madonna phase (I love that we can share clothes >:D) teamed with my Cotton On skull shirt, Brixton hat and this AMAZING indigo lip pigment. Do love.

Seeing as today was some kind of personal celebration of being able to be UPRIGHT for the first time in ages, I decided to treat mysElf. I also realised I think I have some kind of problem- I LOVE PRETTY NAILS TOO MUCH.

[L-R;] Hollywood blue, MIKI Olive green, MIKI Opaque lilac, MIKI Opaque grey, MIKI Shimmery mint, Blue glitter.

I’m on the lookout for Bass Guitar lessons. I used to play a bit here and there, but I’d like to take it more seriously and learn it properly, as I am rather over not having a real hobby/some constructive way to pass my time. Sure, this is probably another one of my phases, but I don’t care. Teach me bass + I’ll feed your belly with good food? That would be fancy :D

I’m heading back to Adelaide tomorrow. It feels like the time I have spent here with my family has just zipped by, but that’s probably because I spent the whole time asleep or with my head in a bucket :/
If anyone wants to do coffee, hollah?




  1. Ugh, 21st birthday. :/ I am also not a party thrower. For my 21st, I was in Adelaide doing an internship. I did go back to Brisbane for a little bit, but not on my actual birthday. It was a great way to get out of having a huge party. :D I told my family and friends in Brisbane that I was having a bigger thing in Adelaide and I told my family and friends in Adelaide that I'd had a bigger celebration in Brisbane. And voila! Two small, low key celebrations instead of the huge party traditionally thrown by 21-year-olds. So much better.

    So yeah, solution! Just be out of town on your birthday. :D

  2. I'm 19 and already dreading my 21st x_x I don't have any friends I feel close enough to to invite. They're meant to make speeches and stuff and talk about how aweseome you are and it would be so embarrasing coz no one I know would do that for me uuugggggh

    Oh, BUT I play bass guitar XD
    Just be self-taught!! I'm self-taught haha