Saturday, January 15, 2011

American Apparel and Monogamy.

Outfit equation:
DIY skull shirt dress + DIY t-shirt scarf/cowl + Dangerfield wet look tights + combat boots + Alannah Hill fingerless gloves + obnoxious sunglasses + inverted cross rosary.

Before I begin, let me just inform you of the utter HELL that is putting photos on this blog.
Taking photos to put online is seriously one of the most utterly time consuming and annoying things I do with my day- next to straightening my fringe and sidelocks.
Essentially, what I have to do to share with you my new goodies + random excellence is take a photo with my old N95 mobile phone, which for some reason, refuses to save to memory card even if I ASK it to, which means I can’t access the images when I plug it in to the computer with the micro USB cable.
In ORDER for me to access the photos, I must Bluetooth them to my current phone (some Samsung piece of shit which DOESN’T have a micro USB connection + requires software to be installed on every computer you use it on. MY LAPTOP IS AN OLD PIECE OF SHIT AND I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS.)
So I receive the image on my phone (sometimes up to ten of the fuckers), which I then seek out in my received files, activate my Bluetooth, TEDIOUSLY search for connections EVERYTIME I send a new image, and Bluetooth them BACK to my N95.
I then have to go into my inbox, where the photos have been directed, open them, save them to my phone and THEN plug the son of a bitch into the computer and upload the photos that way. Not to mention having to resize them in paint/crop them etc before I upload them. THE THINGS I DO TO MAKE MY BLOG MORE INTERESTING.
I seriously wish I had a camera. Just a simple, digital camera that would make my life SO much easier. Maybe that’s what I’ll ask for for my upcoming 21st birthday. (26th of February beeetches- best not forget!)
SORRY FOR THE SHOUTING. I JUST HAD TO DO THIS SEVEN TIMES FOR THE FOLLOWING PHOTOS YOU ARE ABOUT TO SEE. Seriously. It’s digital camera o’clock- I’ll keep you lot posted on the nagging progress ;3
Today was fairly quiet- I was up late last night, watched High Fidelity with Alex and was rather miffed to see so many characteristics in the main character that reflected on my own. The bit about how he can’t stop thinking “What if?” whenever someone new comes into his life and he’s with someone? Yeaah. Sad but true- I don’t know what it is about me, but I just don’t think I’m that suited to monogamy to be honest. It’s a flawed concept, and it’s fuelled by societies patriarchal bullshit- there ain’t no such thing as soulmates, to assume that there’s just ONE person in the world for you is just sad.
That’s not to say I’m hating on people who are in a happy monogamous relationship- I’m happy you’ve found someone you can be happy with! I’m just saying I don’t think I’m built that way.
I digress. I woke up late, couldn’t find the motivation to leave the house except to seek out coffee. I swear to blob- it’s probably for the best that I don’t have some kind of coffee making contraption in my house, or I’d never leave it. Coffee was found, and the next mission was to seek out some plain white socks for those ugly tan shoes I have fallen in love with. SOCKS IN ADELAIDE ARE NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND. Until Alex suggested the unthinkable- we shop at American Apparel.
Now, I wasn’t a fan of American Apparel for the fact that every hipster douchebag I knew was SO LIEK TOTALLZ IN LUUUUV WITH IT. I’d seen their shirts before and swooned silently on the inside- fair trade, organic cotton is love.
So, we went there. And oh my god. It’s probably for the best that I’m leaving to see my family tomorrow, as I know I’m going to be unable to resist the urge to go in for a looksee everytime I walk past it.
Today was SOCK DAY. I felt like a bit of a fool wandering around with nothing but socks in my shopping bag- but to hell with them! Just look at the foot clothing I picked up;

These babies are by Red Robin and I picked them up on sale at Harris Scarfe. How cute is the button detail? :D

 Also, I believe I have often mentioned how I abhor colour in my wardrobe- but seem to love it in accessories.
My case in point- I put a load of washing out today. To the left, we see some bedraggled members of my wardrobe, and to the right, we see that I seem to have a fetish for obnoxiously coloured panties.

Just got back from seeing The Shakes and Weightless play at the Metro. Both amazing bands, both well worth a good old stalk on the interwebs if you’re ever bored.


  1. Leda choc chip cookies ROCK THE CASBAHHHH!!!

  2. I have an unhealthy obsession with knee high/thigh high striped socks. (If you are looking for the long plain ones in black or white, you can buy them for like $10 for a pack of 2 at Big W)

  3. oooh!
    those cable knit OTK socks look good! how much were they?

  4. They are seriously AMAZING! I got them for $21.00- a bargain, considering how comfy they are! :D

  5. What do you work as?