Monday, January 31, 2011

DIY lace bunny ears- with PVC bows! :D

Do remind me to post a tutorial as to how to make the super easy bows I adorned my ears with- it's an awesome way to use up scraps of fabric! :D

As I previously mentioned, it has been HEINOUSLY hot in Adelaide recently. So much so, that I have actually gone around 5 days without a coffee. And this, ladies and gentlemen, will just not do!
Asides from cowering beneath the airconditioning, I attempted to clear up my hot weather blues with a pair of animal ears. Not one to want to be wearing the cat ears everyone seems to be wearing at the moment, I wanted something I could wear with an evening dress and still look somewhat classy.

Et viola! Lace bunny ears with super easy PVC bows :D

ALSO: HOW AMAZING ARE THESE SHORTS? Keeps me cool they does ;D

All photographs are copyright Alex Baulderstone :3 Yes, I happen to be crashing with an insanely talented photo-dude. You jelly? ;D

Also also also. Got bored. Made jewellery inspired by my favourite molecule, Caffeine <3

Right now it's a badly made, fragile prototype, but I hope to get a better version made soon. In the meantime, I can appreesh the sparklies ;D



DIY 'Hermes' wings for my shoes :3

If you know me at all, you know that I am a fan of all things DIY, strange and wierd to wear. These bad boys are no exception!

I have a VAST collection of shoes, but sometimes wish I could do more to them- short of permanent modifications like studding, I was stumped until I watched Disney's Hercules. That was IT! What does every elfin wierdo require for their feet? WINGS!

Please keep in mind, these are just the prototype pair to see if it would even work- mind you, I am quite proud of them as is :3

I picked up those shoes on sale at Novo this time last year- $15, can you believe it? :D

I'd love to start playing with more colours and stuff. Stay tuned! :D



DIY 'Dark Tron' Prism Explosion sunglasses customisation.

I had recently fallen in LOVE with studded glasses- but being a penniless fashion addict, couldn't find the justification for spending $200 on a pair.

The solution? $10 on sale sunglasses + painted prisms + my trusty hot glue gun = magic!

I transformed my goggles from this; 

To this!

Yeah, they're stupidly heavy + vaguely impractical- but I don't care! They are easily the most obnoxious eyewear I own and I love them to death for it! :D




Hello hello hello!

I am so sorry it’s taken me sO long for me to update this site! I have recently been completely overcome by this awful lethargy- I couldn’t figure out what it was until we had three consecutive days over 40C! It’s been the worst- I really don’t do well with hot weather, and have been essentially cowering indoors under the airconditioner. I ventured out today to pick up some supplies and nearly wilted under the sun I can’t wait for winter!

In the meantime of hiding from the awful heat, I’ve been going a little mad with craft! Customisations are one of my favourite things to do, so be sure to stay tuned as I update with a new post for each piece I created :3

Not a whole lot has been happening other than my making of lots of stuff. I decided to disable my Formspring account due to just not having the time to answer all the questions I got sent! I was also copping a fair bit of abuse- apparently I’m not ACTUALLY disabled. Like being Autistic is something someone would pretend to have? Urgh. People suck.

In lieu of this, I realised there was quite a few questions that were asked over and over again- so I will be sure to post an FAQ blog soon. If there’s anything you’d like to know, do drop me a line- either on here or on Facebook and I will do my best to include it in the next post I make!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Birthdays. What fresh hell is this?

I can’t help but get bummed every time my mother mentions my birthday. My sister and I are three years apart, and our birthdays are precisely two weeks apart. This year, within two weeks she turns 18, and I turn 21. Our birthdays are in the next month or so, so I’m getting my backside beat about what exactly I want to do.

My sister is used to birthday parties- she’s had one to celebrate every milestone birthday she’s had since she turned 10, so she’s got it all down pat. Some kind of party thing with heaps of friends, a bar tab and so on and so forth.
Me, on the other hand, I haven’t actually had a birthday party since our joint 10/13 birthday all those years ago, and am bloody hopeless. I didn’t want to do anything too huge- I just wanted to invite a small group of people who mean the most to me in my life to have a dinner, drinks and to celebrate being old. However, recently I’ve had to take into account the, well, tiny detail of all of the people I had planned to invite deciding that they want to have nothing else to do with me.

I KNOW it’s my 21st- and this is something that people usually make a big deal of, right? But to be perfectly honest, the thought of it right now is enough to bring me to tears. Fancy having to tell your parents to cancel the plans you had originally made because, well, all your friends hate you?
To be perfectly honest, my past birthdays have been utter crap. I missed Soundwave last year, after having a ticket bought for me, my relatives forgot my 19th, and my 18th was spent with a bunch of scum punks at a beach, so it’s not like I have high expectations for this year suddenly being the best one ever. I just wish I didn’t hate them so much >.<

Anyhow, enough of this emo crap. I’m finally well enough to get out of bed, dress mysElf and head out to get some more medication to end these awful withdrawal symptoms. Which is cause for celebration in my eyes, so naturally I decided to go all out- borrowing my mother’s lace top from her 80s Madonna phase (I love that we can share clothes >:D) teamed with my Cotton On skull shirt, Brixton hat and this AMAZING indigo lip pigment. Do love.

Seeing as today was some kind of personal celebration of being able to be UPRIGHT for the first time in ages, I decided to treat mysElf. I also realised I think I have some kind of problem- I LOVE PRETTY NAILS TOO MUCH.

[L-R;] Hollywood blue, MIKI Olive green, MIKI Opaque lilac, MIKI Opaque grey, MIKI Shimmery mint, Blue glitter.

I’m on the lookout for Bass Guitar lessons. I used to play a bit here and there, but I’d like to take it more seriously and learn it properly, as I am rather over not having a real hobby/some constructive way to pass my time. Sure, this is probably another one of my phases, but I don’t care. Teach me bass + I’ll feed your belly with good food? That would be fancy :D

I’m heading back to Adelaide tomorrow. It feels like the time I have spent here with my family has just zipped by, but that’s probably because I spent the whole time asleep or with my head in a bucket :/
If anyone wants to do coffee, hollah?



Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm sick :(

So, sorry I haven't been updating that often. I should be right as rain in the next few days.

I hate being sick. It's the worst shit ever. I haven't been able to eat, move, talk, do most things, really. This is the first time I've been able to get out of bed to use a computer. Cheers, Universe.

This image my friend Russ took on his Holga of us in a mirror, sums up how I feel at the moment rather well.

In the meantime, while rolling around in sick delirium, alternating between sleep + reading, I have been musing upon this;
[Thankyou Alex :3]

Give me one reason not to hate all that I see when I look at you.
I never thought that this is where we'd stand today,
But for the life of me I can't find a reason to forgive.
I'm letting go and now I'm using both free hands to bury this, to lay our past to rest.
I'm sorry, I've given up on you.
I want it back, all the faith I put in you.
You let it rust beyond repair.
And I can't help but smile when I think of all you've lost.
You've lost.
The only blood between us is bad blood.

[The Only Blood Between Us - Go It Alone]

Also; aweh :3 Before I was sick + looked like a pile of crap.

I look like a hillbilly- but he has a cute fase ^.^



Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ren and Stimpy.



And I love The Fatheads from Rocko's Modern Life. Although they kind of gave me an inexplicable christmas tree phobia O______O

\I wish I could find The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat on DVD :(



Awkwardness + Soberness.

Outfit equation;
Singlet dress + cardigan + American Apparel over the knee socks + brown shoes + inverted cross rosary + Dangerfield ‘Brixton’ hat + silver Way-Viator sunglasses.

Do you ever walk into a room and feel uncomfortable? You haven’t got anything on your face, you’ve checked your shoes and made sure there’s no toilet paper stuck to the heel. Your outfit is in good nick, and as far as you know, you haven’t got food in your hair. Yet you can’t help but think, while people are smiling, asking you how your day was + just generally being pleasant; they’re being so sweet to you, because you are actually the biggest goober/pile of uncool they have ever seen in their entire lives.
Sound familiar? That’s essentially how my internal monologue plays out EVERY SINGLE TIME someone speaks to me. They could be someone I have known and loved for years, or a new friend, but I cannot ever seem to shake the fact that these people, who have welcomed me into their lives, are really only being nice to me because I am the saddest case they have ever clapped eyes on. Sad? Oh yes, I know. I have tried MANY times to tell mysElf otherwise, but I just can’t seem to shake it.
Recently, Alex took me to meet some of his friends at a show. They are some of the nicest, funniest people I’ve met- really genuine, and really COOL. Yet, as they were talking to me, and involving me in funny conversation, I couldn’t help but be acutely aware of precisely HOW FUCKING LAME I AM. Seriously. I know they wouldn’t care in a million years that my head is slightly furry because I haven’t reshaved it in a while, or that you could probably see a VPL with the skirt I was wearing, but as time ticked past, I felt more and more awkward. It drives me crazy. There’s not really a resolution to this story, more than anything I just wanted to make you aware that THAT is the reason why I’m such an awkward fuckstick when you meet me in the real world ;3
My social awkwardness has been especially bad recently, as I no longer drink. I gave up drinking because I realised that it had become this social crutch for me- I couldn’t go out and see people unless I was intoxicated, I couldn’t even have a night in with friends without a few glasses of gin. I realised that soon, people were only going to know ‘Drunk Kas’ and I didn’t want to lose mysElf to this alter ego I had developed. Call me an alcoholic- it was probably true at one point. Anyone who needs alcohol to have a good time, needs to take a long hard look at their life.
It’s a double whammy with being the sober girl- not only do you feel especially awkward for not having a beer in your hand, but having to hang around unreasonable and childish drunk people while stone cold sober is probably the MOST punishing thing you’ll ever have to do. I also noticed, the less I wanted to drink, the less some of my ‘friends’ wanted to hang out with me. And that sucked, hard.
Quitting drinking has been tough, let me tell you that. Especially as I came to rely so heavily on it for confidence + social lubrication. I know it’s for the best- but I can’t help but feel bummed as quitting drinking also resulted in MANY friends quitting on me.
Anyhow, on to my vague blabberings of my days goings on. Sorry I missed a post yesterday- I was just SO exhausted, I ended up just crashing out front of The Wire and then heading to bed.
I went into town with the intention of catching up with my friend Rusty- someone who I haven’t seen since before I had my ears repointed. I ended up running into a friend of mine I’d made over Facebook, Melissa, who was completely awesome to hang around. She is so funny + confident- we lurked in Diva, dissing the bad jewellery but eyeing off some of the sale bargains.
Coffee with Rusty was nice- but strange. You know when you haven’t seen someone for SO long, and a whole lot has been going on in your life, you just don’t know where to start? It was a bit like that. I ended up quite lost for words as to how to explain how my life had been recently. I should have told him to read this blog ;3
I decided I didn’t have NEARLY enough Lush goodies in my life, and headed to the store where I was met with such lovely girls who worked there. Some of them even wanted my photo- it was really awesome. Look at the pretty goodies I picked up- a vegan bath bomb that smells almost PRECISELY like cake + a glorious vegan chocolate vanilla sugar lip scrub. Divine!

Rusty had to leave, so I met up with Alex and we wandered vaguely around town. We went to get some tasty eats at a local vegan coffee shop that specialises in Chocolate goodness, called The Chocolate Bean and I realised how badly I was going to miss the place when I went to Melbourne. If you can find me a replacement for the vegan maple walnut praline mousse cake, then I’ll be more cheery- deal? 

Before I go, riddle me this; am I the only freak on the planet who is actually completely freaked out by regular sized poodles? You really only see people with toy poodles these days, but someone was walking their pedigree poodle in a park me + Alex were sitting in and it actually LOOKED like a human in a dog suit. I couldn’t look at it- it was freaking me out!
I’m weird. I know.
P.s; You’re welcome. Click on the picture to see it bigger.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

American Apparel and Monogamy.

Outfit equation:
DIY skull shirt dress + DIY t-shirt scarf/cowl + Dangerfield wet look tights + combat boots + Alannah Hill fingerless gloves + obnoxious sunglasses + inverted cross rosary.

Before I begin, let me just inform you of the utter HELL that is putting photos on this blog.
Taking photos to put online is seriously one of the most utterly time consuming and annoying things I do with my day- next to straightening my fringe and sidelocks.
Essentially, what I have to do to share with you my new goodies + random excellence is take a photo with my old N95 mobile phone, which for some reason, refuses to save to memory card even if I ASK it to, which means I can’t access the images when I plug it in to the computer with the micro USB cable.
In ORDER for me to access the photos, I must Bluetooth them to my current phone (some Samsung piece of shit which DOESN’T have a micro USB connection + requires software to be installed on every computer you use it on. MY LAPTOP IS AN OLD PIECE OF SHIT AND I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS.)
So I receive the image on my phone (sometimes up to ten of the fuckers), which I then seek out in my received files, activate my Bluetooth, TEDIOUSLY search for connections EVERYTIME I send a new image, and Bluetooth them BACK to my N95.
I then have to go into my inbox, where the photos have been directed, open them, save them to my phone and THEN plug the son of a bitch into the computer and upload the photos that way. Not to mention having to resize them in paint/crop them etc before I upload them. THE THINGS I DO TO MAKE MY BLOG MORE INTERESTING.
I seriously wish I had a camera. Just a simple, digital camera that would make my life SO much easier. Maybe that’s what I’ll ask for for my upcoming 21st birthday. (26th of February beeetches- best not forget!)
SORRY FOR THE SHOUTING. I JUST HAD TO DO THIS SEVEN TIMES FOR THE FOLLOWING PHOTOS YOU ARE ABOUT TO SEE. Seriously. It’s digital camera o’clock- I’ll keep you lot posted on the nagging progress ;3
Today was fairly quiet- I was up late last night, watched High Fidelity with Alex and was rather miffed to see so many characteristics in the main character that reflected on my own. The bit about how he can’t stop thinking “What if?” whenever someone new comes into his life and he’s with someone? Yeaah. Sad but true- I don’t know what it is about me, but I just don’t think I’m that suited to monogamy to be honest. It’s a flawed concept, and it’s fuelled by societies patriarchal bullshit- there ain’t no such thing as soulmates, to assume that there’s just ONE person in the world for you is just sad.
That’s not to say I’m hating on people who are in a happy monogamous relationship- I’m happy you’ve found someone you can be happy with! I’m just saying I don’t think I’m built that way.
I digress. I woke up late, couldn’t find the motivation to leave the house except to seek out coffee. I swear to blob- it’s probably for the best that I don’t have some kind of coffee making contraption in my house, or I’d never leave it. Coffee was found, and the next mission was to seek out some plain white socks for those ugly tan shoes I have fallen in love with. SOCKS IN ADELAIDE ARE NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND. Until Alex suggested the unthinkable- we shop at American Apparel.
Now, I wasn’t a fan of American Apparel for the fact that every hipster douchebag I knew was SO LIEK TOTALLZ IN LUUUUV WITH IT. I’d seen their shirts before and swooned silently on the inside- fair trade, organic cotton is love.
So, we went there. And oh my god. It’s probably for the best that I’m leaving to see my family tomorrow, as I know I’m going to be unable to resist the urge to go in for a looksee everytime I walk past it.
Today was SOCK DAY. I felt like a bit of a fool wandering around with nothing but socks in my shopping bag- but to hell with them! Just look at the foot clothing I picked up;

These babies are by Red Robin and I picked them up on sale at Harris Scarfe. How cute is the button detail? :D

 Also, I believe I have often mentioned how I abhor colour in my wardrobe- but seem to love it in accessories.
My case in point- I put a load of washing out today. To the left, we see some bedraggled members of my wardrobe, and to the right, we see that I seem to have a fetish for obnoxiously coloured panties.

Just got back from seeing The Shakes and Weightless play at the Metro. Both amazing bands, both well worth a good old stalk on the interwebs if you’re ever bored.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I look like a Sunday School student from hell. Today was muggy, gross and I was only tempted out of the house with the promise of eats. PRINGLES ARE VEGAN. WIN.
Outfit equation;
Sheer Sportsgirl knit dress + black singlet + tights + skull scarf + cardigan + inverted cross rosary + silver way-viator sunglasses + tan oxford shoes.

I don’t really care for pigeonholing- limitation of ones self is so last Tuesday, and the less I have to do with the meeting of other people’s expectations, the better.
That said, the one thing I have always, for as long as I can remember, have identified unabashedly as a complete and total misanthrope.
Misanthropy is generalized dislike, distrust, disgust, contempt or hatred of the human species, human nature, or society. A misanthrope is someone who holds such views or feelings. The word's origin is from Greek words μσος (misos, "hatred") and νθρωπος (anthrōpos, "man, human being").

Don’t get me wrong- I have a few friends + I wish no ill towards mankind. Well, that’s only half true. I wish no ill to people who AREN’T fuckwits and that list is surprisingly short. I have just never liked people- or their capacity for cruelty, bullshit and heartbreak.
Misanthropy isn’t something you just ‘get’, like a cold or a haircut. It’s buried deep down inside a person- however, able to be exposed as others actions wear down on you.
While I have the capacity to be pleasant and polite, I am more consumed by my capacity to hate. I believe the human race to be a plague, a disease on this poor planet- we’re a virus with shoes and the universe would be a whole lot better off if we didn’t exist. I AM the kind of person who will take one look at a stranger and instantly hate them. The ten second impression seems to work a whole lot more powerfully on me :P
I digress, let me tell you right now- it’s not easy to expose someone’s capacity to completely and utterly despise the human race. It’s not a goddamn cake walk to remove any semblance of positivity towards people in general.
I was bullied all my life. I will omit all other abuses of my trust for now. Some of my only memories from childhood were sitting alone, being told I was stupid and ugly and no one ever wanting to share my pencils. I recall the utter dread I felt every day I woke up, knowing I had to go back there- school was torture. I was picked on for my hair, the way I spoke, my weight, my height, my clothes, my family, the fact that I never had the new or cool stuff.
I remember in year 6, no one once called me by my name. I was always referred to as ‘slurry’ or ‘scrubber’- never as Kas. Some of the mean girls set me up on a blind ‘date’ with a guy they were friends with, and watched as I went to meet him and he screamed with laughter in my face and ran away.
I never had friends. The time that children were out hanging out with their friends, during lunchbreak and after school, I spent researching human disasters like WWII and watching the news- observing the sheer lack thereof of any capacity humankind seemed to have for compassion.
The bullying turned vicious in high school. People spat on me for being an ‘Anorexic bitch’ and a ‘disgusting freak’. I was whipped with sticks, never chosen for group activities, had my property stolen, people pretend to be my friend only to repeat everything that I told them to all their friends. I was pelted the entire bus ride to and from school with things from rocks to partially chewed food. I once even had someone throw diluted acid on me in science class because it was ‘funny’. I have developed a nervous tic that still plagues me to this day whenever I am around people playing sport from the amount of time I have had balls booted at me.
Want to know the worst part? I just TOOK it. Not once did I respond, lash out or say anything to anyone. I woke up every day and shoved my utter dread of school that day deep down inside me and soldiered on. I vaguely explained the bruises, cuts and missing stuff as horseplay and refused to call anyone out on their behaviour for fear of retaliation.
That was until one day. I was bullied and traumatised so badly at one school, I had a nervous breakdown and changed schools.
In the time I was too scared to leave my own house, I had a light bulb moment. People were evil, disgusting, cruel beings- nothing was ever going to change that. But I did NOT have to be pushed around by them.
This is MY life, and I’ll be damned if I will spend another second letting anyone fuck with me anymore.
I realised, contrary to my group of friends opinions at the time, that the lifestyle I wished to pursue + image I desired was not only not a bad thing, but completely and totally my decision. If they didn’t like it, they shouldn’t let the door slam on their ass on their way out. I shaved my Mohawk, got my first piercings and started to study misanthrope philosophers writings, such as Arthur Schopenhauer.
Fast forward. New school. A boy behind me in the canteen line shoved me, spat in my hair and called me a freak on my first day of school. So I turned around, king hit him with my left fist and dropped him like a sack of shit in front of the whole school waiting to stuff their stomachs with junk food.
I’ve not tolerated humanity since then. I have a small circle of people I feel I can trust enough to let into my life, but I am yet to NOT be let down by others.
If I could choose not to possess a complete hatred for humanity, I don’t think I would. Having walls harder to break down protects me. Having less ties to cut means being a nomad is less heartbreaking. Being completely untrusting of everyone makes it harder to be disappointed.
Don’t get me wrong- this isn’t a plea for help, a cry for attention. This is merely an explanation as to why I’m a distant, cold, unfriendly inhabitant of this planet. Don’t take it personally.
P.s; Alex is making me dinner.
P.p.s; ‘Slampiece’ shall forever replace the term ‘boyfriend’ in my vocabulary ;3

The reasoning behind Tentacles and Teacups..

At the beginning of 2011, one of the things I resolved (asides from buying a camera, not getting a Tumblr and keeping a frequent blog) I vowed I would never again be busted in public in another plain singlet/jeans/thongs ensemble. I mean, it’s cool for nipping to the servo to get bread but I was so very over looking like a dag at all times.
Letting my inner bitch out, not being afraid of what people think and never EVER being caught dead in floral were just a few of the changes I have made in my wardrobe of recent times. Combine this with end of year sales, not taking shit from anyone and finally culling a huge pile of people out of my life who weren’t really that great in it in the first place have been truly amazing for the development of my sElf confidence, style and, as superficial as this sounds, general happiness.
Sure, I’m not the most stylish freak around, but I like to think that I have a vague clue as to how to dress well. This may well be sElf indulgent and arrogant, but YOU’RE the twat on MY blog. Don’t like it? Click exit :3
 My rules of thumb have been as follows:

Unless it is obnoxiously displayed in all manner of accessories.I’ve never been the hugest fan of being a colourful mess when I dress, but I have been swearing by wearing nothing but neutral shades of grey and black and jazzing them up with eye bleedingly bright colours. I figure my hair, sunglasses obsession and nails compensates for the lack thereof of happy colour mess anywhere in my wardrobe.
It IS reaching a rather critical point though- I can no longer identify my clothing with sight in the hulking mass of dark that is my pile of floordrobe- rather by how the fabric feels >:D

Really the only SURE FIRE way you can ensure you’re the only bitch on the block with THOSE cut offs or THAT shift dress. My secret? Men’s large print shirts. Cut the neck and sleeve off, wear with tights + a scarf. I don’t know if you’ve noticed how obsessed I have been with them recently or anything >:D
Stuck for ideas? Follow this simple equation;
Cheap sunglasses + packet of craft shop diamantes + ???? = PROFIT.

Worried about what your friends will think of your wet look green tights? FUCK THEM. You look like a badass frog- SO WHAT? Think your date won’t appreciate the combat boot/short dress combination? FUCK THEM. Your legs look FANTASTIC. If it makes you happy, that’s what freaking matters. People are staring? It’s because you look HOT, dahliink >;D

LESS CAN BE MORE. A bit rich coming from me, I know. Every time I leave the house, before I go, I take something off. Maybe the fingerless gloves, maybe a bracelet. Just pick something and leave it at home for another outing. Trust me- it IS possible to be too crusted in bling.

Seriously. NO. They CAN be pants if your butt is covered with an oversized shirt, shift dress- hell, even a mini skirt. But there is not much on earth uglier than the utter boringness of plain black tights instead of pants. Spare us, please.

The last thing I can really say is never ever be afraid of change. Evolution is natural- striving to achieve the same look every time can result in stagnation. Every few months or so, buy something you never would otherwise. It might be a wacky nail polish, an out there piece of bling or a funky hat- let it open your eyeballs to bigger and better things. I, of all people, can sing the praises of constant change, let me tell you that right now!
I’m in the middle of a MASSIVE sale of things that I no longer want or wear- stay tuned on my facebook for details and more updates on it all. I need more money to move to Melbourne- and more room in my wardrobe for my recent obsessions.
I decided today it was high time I got up, dusted my misery muck off and venture into the city for coffee, conversations + retail therapy.
And HOW my recent aggravations were soothed- have a look at some of the recent additions to my loot pile;

It was $14 from Dangerfield, was a three knuckle ring and said POW!
I HAD to have it.

Poison green nail lacquer that is cruelty free! Only $5 at the Sportsgirl sale- happy face! 

Another two finger ring I picked up from Sportsgirl. I swear, I collect them! Tiny little skulls make me happy. As does the six armed pissed off little friend I have on my thumb there- thankyou Aisha! <3

AREN'T THESE THE MOST DISGUSTING THINGS YOU HAVE EVER SEEN IN YOUR LIFE EVER? I am completely in love with them. Ugly vegan footwear FTW <3

Funnily enough, this post started out as a rant- looks like you guys will just have to wait til tomorrow! I’m going to continue to sip my tea on this breezy balcony and go have an intense round of monster mashing on Doom 95! (Also known as ‘My main reason I simply REFUSE to update my XP laptop so it will work better!)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Melbourne Debacle.

Hello again!
Sorry for my absence, I was off adventuring in Melbourne and didn’t really have time to scratch mysElf, let alone update my blog. I will do my best to recount my rather.. eventful trip over.
Essentially, my short four  day trip over can be summed up in one word: disastrous. The minute our (I travelled over with Mr Alex- a dear friend of mine) feet hit the tarmac, our problems started.
Our initial plans were to head over on Thursday, see Promoe at a free show on Friday night, have a grand old catch up with friends on Saturday, head to St Kilda at some point for rad vegan eats, go to Bendigo on Sunday for ink, shop Monday afternoon and then fly home that night.
But as with EVERY SINGLE OTHER TIME I have attempted to make plans, they FAILED completely, utterly, heinously + spectacularly. All was not lost, however, I managed to nab some radical loot- but more on that later.
I woke up that morning to the sound of my phone ringing right in my ear. It was my mum, so I answered as coherently as I could, though feeling like I’d been run over and not slept for a thousand years.
“Is that you, Z? Aren’t you meant to be flying out to Melbourne today?”
“Do you know what time it is?”
“It’s 11am! You should probably move it!”
I snapped upright. I’d managed to sleep through all THREE alarms I had set for 8am, as I hadn’t packed yet. Alex was due to pick me up for the airport, like, now. Mercifully, he was running late as well, which gave me the opportunity to throw some clothes in a bag, have a shower and say bye to my precious bunny Vincent.
It was a hot, gross day. Alex and I were already feeling off, but by the time we  had touched down in Melbourne, Alex was having some pretty bad tummy pains.
We met up with some friends in the city for a bit, when I realised that my anti depressant and anxiety medication was missing from my luggage. I’m heavily medicated for several conditions, and my medication is a very important part of my life. How and where they had gone was irrelevant, I needed those meds!
Thankfully, a dear friend of mine offered to take me to the doctors the next morning so I could get more. I’d honestly be so lost without her. Meanwhile, Alex’s tummy pain was getting worse- we went from joking about him needing to poop to genuinely worrying about his wellbeing.
We both have our own theories as to explain what transpired over the next day and a half- I say his tummy freaked out as the night before he’d eaten Kangaroo steak after being practically vegan with his diet for so long- he thinks it was some kind of freak 24hr tummy bug. Whatever it was, Alex was a very sick lad over the next few days.
We caught the train to Lena’s house to a warm welcome to some of the most awesome people I know. Sleep that night was punctuated with wakings as Alex went to and from the loo all night. And it was stinkingly hot. Argh.
Outfit equation;
DIY skull shirt + Jay Jays skinny jeans + combat boots + check scarf + obnoxious sunglasses.

I was wide awake, albeit exhausted, at 7am as Alex’s constant stirrings + the heat /humidity had made sleep very difficult.
Krissi took me to my medication appointment, where I was sorted out. We came back to the house to find poor Alex vomiting. Krissi handled it like an absolute champion while I felt faint in the kitchen. I can deal with poop- but I can’t deal with puke! Travelling from Ringwood to St Kilda to see Promoe play was absolutely out of the question, so Alex went to bed while Lena + I went out.
It was a total shopping success- I managed to procure a radical top, the most obnoxious sunglasses ever, an inverted cross rosary necklace and a glittery turquoise bird to wear on my head. Good stuff.
The weather sorted itself out, which was nice. I headed into the city to meet up with a darling friend, who I call Melbourne Alex (I swear to god, I collect Alex’s!)
We drove to St Kilda + he totally surprised me with a trip to Luna Park! I have never ever ever ever been there before and had ALWAYS wanted to go see what it was like! We nearly got blown away at the beach, before having some coffee at San Churro which I REALLY needed. It was so nice to catch up with someone I hadn’t seen in so long- and to see a side of Melbourne I’d never seen before.
I had to head back to the house to get ready for the catch up I had organised at Lucky Coq that night. I was actually kind of disappointed at the sheer amount of people who didn’t even bother to turn up- or let me know that they weren’t. But the people who DID show up showed me an awesome time- it was seriously awesome to see all of them! I had some vegan pizza, some infamous Lucky Coq vodka + then headed home around 11pm for a nice sleep.
Outfit equation;
DIY shirt dress + 200 denier tights + DIY t-shirt cowl scarf + combat boots + slouch beanie + silver way-viator sunglasses + inverted cross rosary.

By Sunday, my mood had crashed completely. I was in such a dark place, I nearly didn’t get out of bed. Not only was I still pretty bummed at the amount of people who had just bailed on catching up without any notice, my food phobias I’d recently discussed in an early blog were arking up really badly + I didn’t eat all day. I did nab some awesome chrome nailpolish though. Pure love.
Outfit equation;
DIY skull shirt dress + 200 denier tights + cardigan + DIY cowl scarf + combat boots + slouch beanie + obnoxious sunglasses + inverted cross rosary.

My bad mood had lasted the night. It was a muggy, humid day and I just wanted to curl in a ball and cry. I hadn’t been down to Brunswick St yet, so we headed down to meet some friends + do some shopping.
I managed to nab some awesome stuff from Dangerfield, Alannah Hill and Revival which was awesome, and Melbourne Alex drove Alex + I to Lena’s house to pack and then to the city to leave.
It was halfway there when I had the worst news dropped on me like a sack of shit.
I’m not bummed though, in fact I’m thankful. I’m thankful that I’m not going to have any more excuses + am now making plans to move over to Melbourne. I’m a little sad that I have to give my bunny away, and I have to sell so many personal belongings, but the sooner I am out of this goddamn hole of a city + its horrid inhabitants, the better I say.
Anyhow, I’ll end this on a positive note. Check out all the awesome stuff I managed to nab in just four days in Melbourne! I can’t wait to get back there :D

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oh yeah..

Gee + I got one of our collaborations published again- we're in Capture Magazine's Annual issue :D

Grats, Geebus! You totally deserves it! Me <3 you!


P.S Jade + Stefan visited + bought me coffee. HAPPY FASE :3

P.P.S This just totally made my night. Thankyou Alex XD


Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I am kind of reknowned amongst my friends for my absolute love of change. I abhor having something about me stay the same for too long + am constantly changing, switching or customising my style, appearance and surroundings.

Something I have always loved changing is my hair. I LOVE new hair cuts, colours and styles + this past year I have especially embraced that. Let's go on a little walk down memory road of my past year of hair, shall we? :D

First up! Black with a white streak. I've had a mohawk since I was about 15, but my hair was always really good at hiding it :3

Me with my sister :3 I had black and UV reactive neon pink dreadfalls installed + dyed my white streak to match.

Decided I needed a change, so I dyed my hair blonde + popped over to Melbourne.

..Where I found the colour I am pretty much infamous for. It was love at first sight!

Now that I had a colour I loved, I had my hair style cut for the first time since I had my hawk shaved in. I love big hair! :D

Melbourne helped me embrace my freakiness, so I put my hawk up WAY more. This is me with my Melbourne wifeh, Lena <3

After having my hawk for about 5 years, I decided I needed a change. Tank Girl haircut, ahoy! :D

I also saw it as an oppurtunity to fulfil my lust for getting dreadlocks. Vegan Lemon + Macadamia cupcakes make me HAPPY with curly soft dreads.

I decided to bite the bullet + dreadlock my locks all the way to the end. Sonic the Hedgehog hair, much? :D

I've been wearing a beanie HEAPS recently as I didn't think of the sun damage having a bald noodle would encourage, which in itself has become an installation of my hair. I'm thinking of going back to black eventually.. What do you think?

Anyhow, enough picture whoring. Today has been one of THOSE days- you know, where you wake up and everything you touch turns to shit? It probably doesn't help that there is NO coffee in the house.
I tried to go back to bed, and woke up late in the afternoon. How did I manage to sleep my whole day away? Don't you hate it when that happens?

I'm currently sitting with a pile of blue explosion on my head (it's on my nose, forehead, ears, hands + neck. I think some of it managed to get amongst my head tentacles? XD) and I'm reflecting on today. At least I managed to bleach my regrowth and re-blue my hair? No mean feat with dreadlocks.

Here's hoping tomorrow shall be better.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Daily Outfit + Food Phobias..

Possibly my favouritest shirt ever. I found it for $5 at a Cotton On sale, an asymmetric cut later and viola! A gorgeously comfortable top :D
Outfit equation;
DIY skull shirt + Jay Jays skinny jeans + combat boots + check scarf + slouch beanie + silver way-viator sunglasses.

Went into town for the last of the New Years/Boxing Day sales + had a glorious catch up with my most faaavourite purple haired wierdo, Miss Gee. The T-Bar had a $10 eftpos minimum, so we were the crazy ladies out the front with TWO pots of tea and hysterical cackles. Over the hilarity of vegan farts, no less.

I managed to snag some aaabsolute bargains- a black and white knit dress, two finger diamente skull ring + a chain shoulder harness for $40! Oh gosh I love Sportsgirl sales :D

I had a bit of a wierd moment today. I realised I'm pretty sure I am the fussiest eater on the face of the earth. I am going out to dinner tomorrow night, to celebrate Alex's mother's birthday + we're going to an iincredible restuarant. Yet, the idea of it is enough to reduce me to tears in a fast food chain. (long story >.<)
I HATE complicated food. I HATE exotic foods. I HATE anything that has too many components, the description is too fancy or even has too many colours. I HATE eating at new places I've never been before, I HATE trying things that I have no idea what they taste like, I HATE trying new food. Is anyone else as spastic as me?

I was perusing the menu for this place + realised that they ONLY thing they served that was vegan friendly was the chips and side salads- which I'm okay with, but they're also willing to prepare me a vegan dish on the night. This would be all very good if I wasn't MORBIDLY phobic of the idea of new foods that are fancy and pretty. But on the same token, I am completely embarrassed that I'm getting a meal paid for me by these generous people + all I will eat is chips.

If Alex wasn't such an understanding person, I am pretty sure I would have chucked a sickie and gone to hide under a rock.

Does anyone else have this same problem? Or am I the only person in the world who is terrified of food?

Egh. In other news, I like to share my findings when I stumble upon blog gems, and this is no different.
Tash is a friend via the interwebs, + I've stumbled upon her blog a few times (I may or may not have a tiiiny obsession with her art >:D) and I must say, I'm hooked! She's an exceptional writer, and every entry has the ability to make me smile, think or yell 'THAT'S TOTALLY WHAT I WAS THINKING!' and the computer screen- sometimes all three at once. I thought I'd share her with you- she deserves to be read! :D

Anyhow, I'm going to wind down now. I have to pack for Melbourne- I leave on Thursday, so I won't be able to blog til I get back on Monday- but I will be sure to have a bazillion photos and stories to share.

Before I go, I'm curious. Do you have a love of black clothing + a fluffy pet? HOW DO YOU COPE? I have to change outfits completely if I even want to THINK about cuddling Vincent- there must be an easier way! D:


Why is Vegan a bad word?

I’ve noticed in recent times, due to the increasing popularity of my eating choices, you drop the V bomb in a group of people + unless they’re actively avoiding animal products, you’re looked at as though you have grown an extra head. Or worse, you get jeered + labelled a ‘hippy’ for something as simple as a diet choice.
What’s up with that?
Let’s get one thing straight. Being a vegan does NOT mean you eat like a rabbit. I HAVE a pet bunny and if I had to live on oaten hay and carrots, I’d be pretty bummed out. Oreos, Ginger Nut biscuits, Barbeque Shapes and plenty more snacky foods are ALL vegan. Not to mention the popularity Veganism is gaining, which means more vegan options at restaurants, in cookbooks and even in your own grocery shop. Woolworths has recently released a MACRO range, which are ALL gluten free + vegan! Vegan ‘Tim Tams’ and ‘Kingstons’- I’m in heaven!
Vegan has become the new buzzword in couture eating- vegan cupcakes, vegan takeaway, vegan breakfast choices all becoming a much repeated sentiment. It’s a good thing! The popularity and its snowball effect means more awesome eats for us! But like that one asshole who is  ALWAYS on the phone in the cinema, there’s always that ONE person who takes the opportunity of your lifestyle to flaunt the fact that they ate a dead thing that was ‘so rare it was practically still mooing!’
Um, congratulations? Last I checked, my post about my delish vegan pizza wasn’t boasting the fact that the vegetables were SO raw they were PRACTICALLY STILL CRUNCHY, so why feel the need to take that cue card and be THAT douchebag?
Why don’t I eat meat? It gives me the shits. Pleasant enough image? Perhaps think of that next time you have a powerful urge to tell me about your dead animal rareity, yeah?
Another thing I’ve noticed with my vegan lifestyle, is it has this magic ability to turn any person who I speak to about into a qualified doctor AND dietician! Amazing! Being vegan is bad for you, huh? I’ll believe that when I see a mass extinction of vegans, thankyou very much. Until then, keep your Dr Phil for children who hate their parents.
Being Vegan doesn’t give ANY of us the right to rag on people’s diets. So they want to eat meat, so what? So they want to eat deep fried crap, so what? It’s none of our business, just like OUR lifestyle is none of their business. More fat cells for them, and more vegan farts for us, amirite?
In a nutshell, I’m tired of being ragged on for what I eat. I don’t take your lifestyle as an opportunity to point out how unhealthy and gross milk, flesh and eggs are, so don’t do the same with my vegetables and Tofu. They're all lovely once you get to know them. Thankyou kindly :3
Glad we can come to an agreement. Let’s have coffee to celebrate! Soy + three sugars for me, dear :3


Monday, January 3, 2011

Dangerous Obsession

I have realised that I have daangerous obsession with obnoxiously coloured sunglasses. Going through some recent photos of mysElf I have compiled some evidence..

Exhibit A:
Witchcraft lip pigment + Blue Aviators.

Exhibit B:
Day old dreadlocks + oversized bug eyes

Exhibit C:
Slouchy beanie + lilac Way-Viators

Exhibit D:
Pigtails + silver Way-Viators

I think I have a problem.

Please halp!

I'm curious- does anyone else share the same obsession?



Hello there + welcome to my madness!

I have no idea what possessed you to come dabble in this mess, but you're most welcome in anycase :3

Today has been an utter DRAG- I woke up feeling rather average, felt rather average as I walked through the city to race home to meet my family, and even manage to feel average as I filled my tummy with awesome vegan dumplings. I couldn't figure out what the hell is wrong with me until the penny dropped- I haven't had a coffee today!

I'm rather disappointed that caffiene got the better of me so quickly, but it's a goddamn public holiday + there's no goddamn coffee shops open and I feel like I am losing my GODDAMN MIND.

Instant coffee will have to do.

My bunny Vincent is all moved in with me now- and I'm resisting SO many urges to go out into my yard and hug him til his head bursts. But I feel like he may be traumatised enough after the car ride over in a box, so I'll spare him >;D

Anyhow, I'm going to go make a coffee to see if I can pep mysElf up somehow. Stay tuned for daily posts of outfits, mayhem and more.

Oh and, Fractal Octopus.